Architecture: Joanne Koch

With creative thinking and meticulous planning, a relatively small site in Berkeley was transformed into a beautiful garden in four parts that fulfilled our client’s desire for a safe place for her children to play, an outdoor dining area, a lounging terrace, and a spa garden.

In the front of the house, we recaptured previously unused space and, using wooden gates, fences, potted plants and good lighting, turned it into a secluded, courtyard-like garden with curb appeal.

The Moroccan-style lounging terrace is a perfect spot to entertain, defined by custom-poured-in-place concrete benches capped in stone and a streamlined water fountain.

A stepping-stone path leads to an enclosed spa garden delineated by wood trellises and arbors featuring an outdoor shower and sauna.

A common fabric of blue-stone terraces and stucco walls were used throughout the project creating cohesive feeling for the entire garden.

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